NFT Market Update 12th January 2023

OG punk holder @CryptoNovo reunited with his infamous green punk after repurchasing it back from the scammer using capital from the ‘go-fund-novo’ campaign.

One of the most notable trades this week came from a collector who sold their Fidenza for a Mega Mutant Hound Collar purchased at $106,257, the largest sale in Hounds history.

Yuga Labs revealed mint news for the Trial of Jimmy The Monkey, starting with Dookey Dash, a skills-based mint open to holders of a Sewer Pass.

Following Twitter’s job cuts last week, Coinbase shared it’s planning to reduce its headcount by around 950 employees as part of a restructuring.

Solana News

Night Market has been introduced as Solana’s first community-owned NFT marketplace, backed by notable VCs including Solana Ventures and Big Brain VC.