NFT Market Update 9th January 2023

SuperRare Labs CEO released a statement on Twitter sharing that the company slashed 30% of its workforce.

Kevin Rose shared on Twitter that @proof_xyz signed with United Talent Agency (@unitedtalent).

On Friday, live on Nifty Alpha Morning Show, Frank DeGods announced that DeLabs received a $3M grant from Polygon, one of the highest grants the team has given out.

Mastercard is diving further into the blockchain after the company released a partnership with Polygon, an accelerator program focused on helping musicians build their careers via Web3.

Solana News

Solana marketplace, Magic Eden, vowed to support and protect creator royalties through Metaplex’s new standard.

Rebranded NFT project, Gods, hit an all-time high of 60 SOL after they announced a separate artist management agency with renowned creator John Le.

First ever Solana gaming NFT, Aurory Project, celebrated more unique gamers in one week (3,500) than any other previous month.

Multiple Solana airdrop tokens such as $FRONK and $CHILI were rapidly pumped and dumped over the weekend.