NFT Market Update 5th January 2023

Twitch streamer and NFT project founder @DNP3 admitted to gambling away investor funds on Twitter.

Sappy Seals launched MEME MACHINE, a platform which creates generative AI memes unique to each NFT.

Final Fantasy creator, Square Enix wrote in their annual newsletter that the firm is “most focused” on blockchain-powered gaming amid its new business development efforts.

Discord messages shared from the BAYC server announced ApeFest 2023 will detach itself from NFT.NYC to explore new locations.

Solana News

The largest Solana NFT marketplace, Magic Eden, resolved the issue of unverified NFTs sold in 4 collections.

Prominent NFT community, MonkeDAO, proposed a board restructure, a move touted as a stepping stone for a potential future buyout of Solana Monkey Business.

Solana airdrop token, $BONK, released “Bonk Paper” reiterating their core thesis of empowering the Solana community.