NFT Market Report 7 April 2023

Holders of a Koda or a vessel can now purchase a Gucci KodaPendant for approximately $1,800 in $APE, open for 24 hours or upon sellout of the 3,333 supply. Upon purchase, the holder’s Koda or vessel will receive a metadata upgrade that will enable them to claim the physical pendant this summer.

Storytelling NFT collection 10KTF tweeted a ‘wanted’ poster for a serial train robber featuring a mug shot of the trending NFT Nakamigos, causing a 40% surge in the Nakamigos floor price.

Solana introduces state compression, a new way to store data directly on-chain, estimating that it will reduce NFT minting costs on Solana by 2,400-24,000x.

The US Treasury Department has issued a press release on its 2023 assessment of illicit finance risks in decentralized finance (DeFi) markets, highlighting the potential threats to national security posed by decentralized crypto markets, including their use by various criminal entities.

The President of the European Central Bank has revealed plans to launch a digital euro (CBDC), stating that it will help retain control over payments and prevent a foreign currency from taking over trading in Europe.