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World’s First NFT Gallery – Inside Superchief NYC

First NFT Gallery

Yesterday I headed over to Superchief NYC to check out the world’s first NFT Gallery. I had a conversation with Ed Zipco, the Co-Founder of Superchief.

Ed and I discussed why they created the gallery, what their future NFT plans are, his sources of inspiration and more. While this happens to be the first in person NFT Gallery there are many more coming.

ABV Atlanta happened to open an NFT gallery as well the day after with a corresponding drop on Nifty Gateway. One obvious question that arises thanks to NFTs is: what are galleries for now that artists can list and sell themselves directly? It’s a similar phenomenon which occurred with YouTube in which many talented artists became discovered with the help of the crowd.

The most obvious advantage for galleries is their real-estate. The average artist cannot afford to have retail space in the real world and may just as well find it challenging online moving forward. Ed told me that Superchief is looking to move to the metaverse via Decentraland, CryptoVoxels, and more.

Recently, we actually covered Accelerate Art who’s also bringing the gallery experience into the metaverse.

It’s still incredibly early in the world of NFT Galleries and Superchief just happens to be one of the first real world entrants. Check out my interview with them below!

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