First NFT Digital House Sold For $500k

In yet another mind-boggling NFT transaction, a digital house designed by contemporary artist Krista Kim, was sold for $500,000. However unlike static NFT images, this piece is unique in it’s implementation. As state on CNBC:

The new owner of Mars House, she said, will be able to upload the file into various metaverses – 3D immersive worlds – and experience the digital real estate there. She said Mars House represents the “next generation of NFT art.”


Virtual worlds and NFTs have gone hand-in-hand since early on. This is just a continuation of that trend. That said, if you were interested in purchasing a gorgeous house in Second Life, one of the original virtual worlds, you could do so for $10.

This only begs the question: why on earth would you spend $500k on a virtual house which looks more like an abstract work of art? Especially when you could buy a decent house in the real world for a similar amount?

Frankly, the most compelling reason that I can tell at the moment is to be featured in a CNBC article. It’s also bragging rights to be able to point to said article. Perhaps I’m being too cynical though and instead it is simply one of Kim’s benefactors who happens to be a major fan of her work.

If you want to check out the auction of the house you can view it on SuperRare.