Michelle Von Kalben: How To Sell Your First NFTs

Michelle von Kalben recently sold one of her NFTs for more than $20,000 which is quite impressive given that she learned of NFTs only a couple months ago. During quarantine, Michelle was focused on her Instagram, growing her audience through photography. She had 1,000 followers at the time and has grown to over 20,000.

During that time she also transitioned to 2D digital art and eventually 3D earlier this year.

She has been progressing quite quickly and eventually made her way on to Foundation. Her first piece sold for 1.5 ETH and her second, 5.5 ETH. Last week she released her third piece although nobody has kicked off the bidding yet.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a lot of artists on this podcast but the voice that Michelle provides is that of somebody who joined the NFT space recently and how she navigated it. While she did manage to go viral on Twitter with her second piece, it was a result of her direct efforts.

There were a number of tips that Michelle shared but the biggest is posting videos of yourself. On Twitter it most definitely stands out as basically nobody is doing that. We discussed all this and more during our episode so check it out!