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LilPump Flips A Quick $20k to Essgo And Esskeetit

LilPump NFT

Famously awful rapper LilPump completes NFT drop with Sweet Drops, offering the first 500 for free and the next 2,000 for $9.99. Apparently it sold out quickly as it’s no longer available. Those with the Sweet app who gained access to these NFTs can now show off to their friends, a group of individuals whom I do not associate with.

While his music may not be loved by all, there’s no denying that he popularized the word Esketit (spelling varies) to a generation of degenerates quality music fans. Alright, enough with the shaming of LilPump fans.

What’s particularly interesting here is the Sweet app itself which has been partnering with celebrities to offer limited run NFT drops. I attempted to purchase an NFT through their service and it cost $1.99 via Paypal. I didn’t even have to use crypto to complete the purchase. This only leads to the question: why would anybody use a cryptocurrency to purchase an NFT when they already have money on PayPal?

Given that Ethereum currently costs $50+ to complete a transaction, I’m guessing that we’ll see more of this behavior until another cryptocurrency platform emerges with a more seamless experience. In the meantime, if you want access to LilPump’s NFT drop it’s too late! You can sign up for new drops via the Sweet Drops website.

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