Justin Aversano: Transformed By Crypto Photography

Justin Aversano has been on a journey. A long-time photographer, Justin felt a calling to create a body of work honoring his fraternal twin who was lost at birth. The body of work, titled “Twin Flames”, is a photographic collection of 100 twins.

In an episode that was surprisingly emotional, Justin walked our audience through his struggle of selling this body of work and how he stumbled upon the world of NFTs.

Over the course of a few years Justin collected $100,000 of debt in an attempt to sell the entire collection. Within a few days of listing on OpenSea his debt was fully covered and more.

Aside from Twin Flames it’s clear that Justin has found a calling to serve. As the Co-Founder of Save Art Space, he works to transform otherwise commercial monuments (billboards and other ad spaces) into spaces which honor local artists.

In this episode of the NFT Nick Podcast we dive into all that and more. This episode is one that you definitely should not miss.