Erick Snowfro: The Artblocks Mastermind

There are few people who have had as significant an impact on the world of NFTs as Snowfro, the founder of Artblocks. Through his Cryptopunk Zombie sacrifices (by selling multiple of them below market value) he was able to fund the creation of generative art platform Artblocks. That site is now at the center of the generative art NFT movement.

While one could discuss generative art with Snowfro for days, it’s his take on various blockchains that stands out from others. In contrast to many of the Ethereum maximalists, Snowfro is interested and invested in other blockchains including Flow. While he may be slightly biased due to Roham’s investment in Artblocks (Roham is CEO of DapperLabs which owns Flow), his take was refreshing.

He discussed how he envisions Artblocks being the generative art platform across other blockchains as well. The goal would be to broaden the audience that can invest in generative NFTs. Given that Flow has proven its ability to scale by serving as that backbone of TopShot, he’s going to see if Artblocks can do the same by bringing their market onto Flow.

Erick is also particularly technical as that he has written the latest version of the Artblocks contract (after initially hiring other developers to assist). I was able to discuss the specific technical nuances of how the Artblocks platform generates the art and what that actually means. It’s an important thing to understand for those collecting NFTs.

We discussed all these topics and more in our conversation. You won’t want to miss out! Check it out below.