Elon Musk Sends Miladies On A Scorching Run

Elon Musk’s tweet featuring a Milady Maker meme sparked nearly a 90% surge in the collection’s floor price.

NFTfi protocol ParaSpace addressed concerns over the 2,909 ETH recovered from a hack, and removed its CEO from the protocol’s multi-sig following allegations of treasury mismanagement.

Alpha Centauri Kid’s ‘The Broken Keys’ auction closes, raising over 731 ETH with a top sale of 31.69 ETH.

OpenSea Pro introduced the Farmer Wallet Labels feature, enabling identification of users frequently engaging in bid-based buying and selling, and displaying the percentage of items they hold within a specific collection.

The IRS filed claims of nearly $44 billion against bankrupt crypto exchange FTX, potentially placing it ahead of other creditors.