Darius Kozlovskis: Defi Meets NFTs

An emerging trend in the world of NFTs is the integration of Defi. If you take two buzzy things and smash them together you get twice the results, right? Maybe not but when I stumbled across Drops on Twitter, it stood out as a compelling concept. I had to reach out to learn more and that’s how I connected with Darius Kozlovskis, the founder and CEO of Drops.

While still in development, the concept is that instead of staking cryptocurrency, you stake your NFTs for rewards. While there are countless potential implementations of this, it’s particularly useful in the world of gaming. That’s why the company has been developing their platform in conjunction with their NFT gaming project, Node Runners.

Not only can you stake items collected from Node Runners specifically, but you can also stake outside NFTs like MEME NFTs.

Drops is not limited to staking though. As their whitepaper outlines there are future ambitions including NFT loans, something that I’ll be covering in more depth later. In my conversation with Darius we discussed all these things and more so be sure to check out the episode below!