Mark Cuban Funds CryptoSlam

There are a number of resources you can turn to in the world of NFT data and CryptoSlam has become one of the leaders. Thanks to this leadership position the bootstrapped company has found itself the recipient of funding from Mark Cuban.

In an announcement published on Medium, the company outlined the investment and a brief history of the site. In contrast to competing sites, CryptoSlam began with a focus on sports, specifically MLB related NFTs. It wasn’t officially launched until 2019. As Randy Wasinger, founder of CryptoSlam stated in the release:

As a life-long collector of sports cards and memorabilia, I was instantly drawn to the collectability of NFTs and the need to organize NFT data in a way that made sense to both collectors and those who saw NFTs as an investment opportunity

Randy Wasinger

The blockchains currently supported by Cryptoslam included Ethereum, Wax, and Flow (which powers NBA Top Shot). The initial focus on sports makes it unsurprising that they were a target for investment from Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

While the amount of the investment was undisclosed, it sounds like a small private investment akin to those Cuban completes on Shark Tank.