Cycling Manufacturer Colnago To Launch Render As NFT

If RTFKT can sell digital clothing and a cigar company can sell a digital render, why can’t all other physical manufacturers sell digitally-exclusive pieces? That’s what the bicycle manufacturer Colnago figures. They are offering a pciture of one of their bikes with a starting bid of 1.95 ETH.

You can view the auction here on OpenSea where there are unsurprisingly 0 bids at the moment. While it’s a cool looking bike, the render itself on a dull grey background leaves a lot to be desired.

Most of the articles covering this news focus on the subject matter of “what are NFTs?” It’s interesting because the real question here is what is the overlap between Colnago and NFT collectors? My guess is that’s a pretty niche audience. Additionally, if you can afford a Colnago you can afford a photographer or designer who can develop a rendering of equal or better quality than this image.

If you happen to be one of the people that fits into the very unique group of NFT collectors who love Colnago bikes, feel free to go bid on OpenSea!