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Christies Announces CryptoPunks Auction, Sparks Buying Frenzy

Christies Cryptopunks

In huge news for the CryptoPunks community, Christies announced today announced the auction of 9 CryptoPunks owned by the original developers of the project. The attention has sparked a mad rush of sales with sales now going from $40k to over $150k.

Every minute there are multiple sales happening based on the CryptoPunks Twitter bot. Many are hoping that the attention from Christies will surge the value of each CryptoPunk and so far that appears to be playing out prior to any auction.

Marked as the first NFT project, CryptoPunks was largely overlooked as people rushed to purchase CryptoKitties. Since earlier this year though a bidding war frenzy was kicked off. Then in recent weeks the activity died down.

Now that Christies has entered the market however there’s no telling how high these will go. Only a week or two ago people were speculating on prices dropping with many people taking losses. How different a week can make in this market.

If you are interested in purchasing your own visit the official CryptoPunks website.

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