Beauty And Punk: Conversation With An OG Cryptopunk

Beauty and Punk picked up her collection of punks when the project first opened up and then went dormant. A few years laters when one of her punks sold for a decent amount she began looking at what was going on. What she found was the beginning of the NFT boom that has occurred in recent months.

With 4 apes and a number of other siblings, including those with purple hats, she has quite the portfolio. In this episode we discussed how she’s approaching NFT collecting now and upcoming projects she’s working on.

While Beauty has a full-time job at the moment, she’s contemplating a path toward a full-time career in the world of NFTs. She recently hosted a live stream of the Christies’ auction with a number of other punks but we’ll see where it goes from here! You can listen to my conversation with her below.